Ruby Barclay & Rory Salter - Kinetic Score for Objects & Synthesiser

by Ruby Barclay & Rory Salter

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This work experiments in connecting the audial and visual through the kinetic energy of the performance, and the creation of the score itself. It re-organises both artists' compositional practices, allowing intuition and improvisation to form the basis of the piece. Rather than separating the time in which the score is composed and then played, they initially happen as a single performance. The piece begins with the first mark on the score. The sound follows both the gestural movements of the painter and the shapes painted. The painter uses a variety of materials to build textures that in turn inform the playing of objects acoustically in the room. They begin to affect each other as the painter recognises the different sonic textures occurring throughout the piece. The score is constructed until the painter feels it is complete. Following this the score along with the audio and visual recordings of the performance are transformed into a second score. This time all elements of the original performance instruct a performance of this second score for synthesiser. This is again recorded in a single take and forms a second sound piece alongside the audio recording from the original performance. The work is presented as two sound pieces along-side an image of the score.


released May 10, 2018

Score by: Ruby Barclay
Sounds: Rory Salter

Score & Objects performance recorded at DIY Space for London
Synthesiser track recorded in Camberwell



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